Facing an increasing demand for modern fenestration systems from the residential market, Alumilex invested in the development of avant-garde aluminum systems surpassing current efficiency requirements. Alumilex thus offers a wide range of High Quality Doors, Windows and Glass Walls of unparalleled elegance and performance.

Custom built and benefiting from Alumilex’s direct control, these versatile systems offer clean lines and straight edges which contributed to Alumilex becoming a benchmark in contemporary architecture.  Providing tailored designs and hand assembled products, Alumilex has collaborated to numerous upscale projects in North-America.  The vast expertise of its personnel and the use of quality materials result in an exceptionally rugged, reliable and easy to use product.

Maintaining the pursuit of its initial objectives, Alumilex continues its quest for development and improvement, always perfecting its skills and preserving its enviable position as an innovator.

About Alumilex